Nunc™ Cryobank - Cryotube 2D

The new generation of Thermo Scientific Nunc CryoTube Vials has been developed for superior tracking of valuable samples. This cryo vials have LASER etched unique 2D codes that allow for tracking of the samples. The codes are attached so they do not separate from the vials. 2D codes are more error-proof and denser than normal linear codes and unique-NO DUPLICATE to prevent miss tracking.



Nunc Thermo Fischer Scientific

  • The vial will not get lost during storage-can always be tracked
  • Eliminate the need buying, printing, and applying labels
  • High sterility assurance level and quality product standards
  • IATA testing and permission
  • DNase, RNase, Endotoxin, Pyrogen Free
  • Higher sample recovery with low concentration samples
  • 96 vials – 0.5 ml or 1.0 ml use the same rack; or 48 vials – 2.0 or 5.0 ml use the same rack; both racks based on microplate format
  • Low cell & protein binding
  • Low DNA Adsorption
  • Vials are self standing
  • Polypropylene vials with TPV gasketed polypropylene cap
3742205 mL NUNC CRYOBANK 2D, Code, Racked, Sterile, 480ea/CS
3742212 mL NUNC CRYOBANK 2D, Code, Racked, Sterile, 480ea/CS
3740881 mL NUNC CRYOBANK 2D, Code, Racked, 960 ea/CS
3740860.5 mL NUNC CRYOBANK 2D 960ea/CS