Cogent® Lab 600


concentration/diafiltration, microfiltration, and single pass tangential flow filtration (SPTFF)


Accommodate a wide range of operating parameters (volume, temperature, flow), increasing flexibility and reducing CAPEX. While the base configuration meets the majority of process development pre-requisites, the modularity allows the systems to be tailored to specific requirements.

Supported Devices = Pellicon® 2 and 3 cassettes 0.1/0.11 m2 : Up to 5
Filtration Area = 0.1 m2 to 1.14 m2
Tank Volume = 5000 mL
Minimum Working Volume = 283 mL
Remaining volume in flowpath after system draining = 10 mL
Pump Flow Rate = Feed pump range at 5 bar : 400–6000 mL/min
Process Liquid Temperature Range = 5–40 °C
System Operating Ambiant Temperature = 4–30 °C


concentration and diafiltration