Cloning Kits SureVector

  • SureVector next-generation cloning uses the power of synthetic biology to combine standard DNA components to build custom vector constructs from the Agilent set of standard parts.
  • Simply design a vector, order or PCR your gene-of-interest, and your custom plasmid is just a single reaction away.
  • Proprietary enzymes enable rapid and reliable assembly of multiple DNA fragments into a circular, recombinant plasmid containing your target gene.
  • Components include: bacterial selection markers, bacterial origins of replication, mammalian selection markers, promoters for yeast, mammalian cells and bacteria, and a variety of solubility/affinity tags
  • Enabling functionality in a range of cells.


Life Science – Molecular Biology – Cloning Kits SureVector


  • Rapid custom vector generation – Less than a day from design to vector, compared to 4 weeks for custom vector services
  • Reliable and precise assembly – SureVector is extensively validated to ensure that standard parts can be interchanged, without loss of functionality
  • More flexible than traditional systems – Assemble new vectors in your lab as experimental requirements change, versus always ordering a new one
  • Control your experiments – Take control of your experiments, troubleshoot your own work, not that of your service providers DNA assembly
  • Customize your vector – Through our partnership with Eurofins, you can customize any fragment of SureVector or order any single construct configurable in the SureVector system
  • Explore the new Biotech Doulix bioengineering design tool, featuring SureVector
Catalog no.DescriptionReactions per kit
G7518ASureVector E. coli Bacterial Selection Kit, 5 rxn5
G7518BSureVector E. coli N-terminal Promoter Kit, 5 rxn5
G7518CSureVector E. coli C-terminal Promoter Kit, 5 rxn5
G7518DSureVector E. coli N-terminal Tag Kit, 5 rxn5
G7518ESureVector E. coli C-terminal Tag Kit, 5 rxn5
G7514ASureVector Core Kit, 15 rxn15
G7515ASureVector E. coli N-terminal Expansion Kit15
G7515BSureVector E. coli C-terminal Expansion Kit, 15 rxn15
G7516ASureVector Mammalian N-terminal Expansion Kit15
G7516BSureVector Mammalian C-terminal Expansion Kit15
G7517ASureVector Yeast N-terminal Expansion15
G7517BSureVector Yeast C-terminal Expension Kit15