Carboys – High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE)

Store and dispense media, solutions and sterile product using Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ HDPE Carboys. These carboys have leakproof PP Screw bottle top design. Designed for Heavy duty or extra aggressive condition such as harsh chemical compatibility, Amber coloured designed for light sensitive product, and wide mouth bottle top for easy filling and dispensing liquid. Have 2 options which Round shape and Rectangular shape. Round shape for homogenous stirring, instead of Rectangular shape for space efficient.  Made only from high quality, laboratory-grade plastic materials for dependably low leachables and extractables. Suitable for conditions from –100°C to +120°C.


Life Science – Bioproduction – Carboys
Animal Health – Bioproduction – Carboys
Industry – Standard – Plasticware

Nunc Thermo Fischer Scientific

  1. Presterilized, ready to use
  2. Leakproof test
  3. Wide range of capacity (6 Litre – 33 Litre)
  4. Have option : Wide mouth bottle top
  5. Have 2 option bottom : Round bottom and Rectangular Bottom
  • No need further sterilization, faster workflow
  • Prevent leaking and contamination
  • Wide-mouth opening permits easy filling, transferring and cleaning of carboys