C100- Automated Cell Counter

highly intelligent analysis software and excellent microscopy optics structure. Under autocouting mode, it can accurately identify the live cells, dead cells and the ones with specific fluorescence in a few seconds, which may liberate researchers from heavy work of daily cell counting.


Life Science – Lab Instrument – Cell Counter


– Cluster Recognition Algorithm
– Super Clear Imaging System
– Multi-application scenario incl. FLUO

– 7-inch Touch Screen
– Auto Focus & Auto Exposure
– Quick-Count Mode

– Automatic Data Record System
– FL Mode for Complex Sample Analysis
– Suitable for Different Types of cells

Amplification Factor 2.5 x ,5 Megapixel
Focusing Manual and Auto (less than 3s)
Counting Area 2.15 mm x 1.62 mm
Cell Type Cell lines, stem cells, primary cells
Cell Size 4 to 60 um
Cell count range 10^4 -10^7 cell/mL
Counting Time >20s
Storage 1000 counting reports
Dimensions 212 mm(W)* 264 mm(H)* 165 mm (D)
Weight 5 kg

Automatic Cell Counting
Live and Dead Cell Counting
Total Cell Counting

Catalog No. Description
C100 RWD C100 Automated Cell Counter
FL Cube-01 Ex:363-388nm;Em:436-484nm(DAPI)
FL Cube-02 Ex:466-493nm;Em:516-645nm(AO/GFP)
FL Cube-03 Ex:530-552nm;Em:590-645nm(PI)
DS-50 Disposable Slice,50 pcs/ box