Binocular Microscope

77001 Desktop Binocular Stereo Microscope equips with universal support;
researchers can observe in high resolution and three-dimension


Life Science – Lab Instrument – Cell Counter


Expand operating range
Object can be observed from any direction and angle with high resolution and high definition image
Strong stereoscopic

eyepiece multiples of 10 x large flat field eyepiece ф 22 mm in diameter
objective multiple 0.67X-4.5X objective multiple ratio 6.7:1
binocular observation head pupil distance 54-75mm visual adjustment ±5 diopters 45° tilt 360° rotation
total magnification 6.7x-45x (10X eyepiece), 3.35X-22.5X (10X eyepiece + 0.5x auxiliary eyepiece)
working distance 100mm (10X eyepiece); 177mm (10X eyepiece + 0.5x auxiliary eyepiece)
focusing mechanism handwheel adjustable
The universal stand supports 360° rotation, freely stretchable in length

Teaching demonstration
Science research experiment
Small animal operation
Seed inspection and screening

Catalog No. Description
800-00388-00 77001D Digital Microscope
800-00390-00 77002D Digital microscope body (Without Stand)
970-00255-00 77001 Desktop Binocular Stereo Microscope with 0.5x Lens
970-00185-00 77002 Binocular Surgical Microscope