Automated Liquid Handling Bravo

The Agilent Bravo is a flexible liquid handling platform that automates your sample preparation for screening applications such as compound management,
cell-based assays, and biochemical assays. With this robotic liquid handling system, time is freed up and consistent data are achieved across samples and users.
The compact liquid handler can be easily placed on a small bench and fits in a flow hood.

With more than 60 accessories ranging from heater/cooler to shaker, the system can be tailored to automate most sample preparation protocols.
Automating your sample prep protocol has never been easier with the included VWorks control software that allows users to create and run flexible liquid handling protocols quickly.

The Agilent Bravo NGS is built on the Bravo automated liquid handling robot and preconfigured with the deck accessories needed
to automate your routine genomics workflows, including library prep and enrichment for next-generation sequencing (NGS).
A simple and intuitive interface enables users to quickly set up and run preprogrammed protocols, but is open enough for advanced users to create and program custom protocols.

Offers the advantage of increased throughput without affecting data quality, and freeing up researchers from performing time consuming and repetitive tasks.


Life Science – Molecular Biology – Automated Liquid Handling Bravo


  • Compact, space-saving nine microplate-position footprint fits in a laminar flow hood
  • Precise pipette heads dispense from 300 nL to 250 µL in 96-, 384-, and 1536- microplates using disposable tips
  • Versatile 96 and 384 pipette heads can easily be swapped to address your needs
  • Provides ability to pick up tips using a single barrel, row, column, or arrays of barrels
  • VWorks control software helps you to quickly create automated protocols by using the intuitive drag and drop tasks
  • Agilent Instrument Qualification (AIQ) provides a set of traceable tests for installation (IQ) and operation (OQ) to qualify that the system operation meets Agilent release criteria
  • A light curtain ensures compliance with regional safety requirements
  • Quickly automate with ready-to-use protocols and pre-developed methods for Agilent SureSelect, Agilent HaloPlex, Illumina TruSeq, NuGEN Ovation,
  • KAPA HTP, PacBio SMRTbell, NEBNext, and more.
  • Easy to use interface requires no programming expertise to run your automated methods
  • Consistent data quality allows you to increase your throughput, with consistent results every time
  • Prepare up to ten times more samples in the same time
  • Open platform allows you to automate more NGS or genomics methods with confidence
Catalog no. Product
G5573AA Bravo NGS (NGS A, Option A)
G5574AA NGS Workstation (NGS B, Option B)
G5575A NGS Workstation Upgrade (NGS A to NGS B)
G5563A Bravo Liquid Handling Platform
G5562GA Bravo SRT
G5055G 96LT Disposable Pipette Tip Head
G5056G 384ST Disposable Pipette Tip Head
G5057G 96ST Disposable Pipette Tip Head
G5498G Liquid Handling Accessories
G5580GA BenchCel Microplate Handler
G5581GA Microplate Labeler
G5582GA Microplate Centrifuge
G5583GA Automated Centrifuge Loader
G5584GA Labware MiniHub
G5590GA BenchCel Workstation
G5585HA PlateLoc Microplate Sealer