AquaSnap™ Total

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Shelf life:
15 months at refrigerated temperatures (2-8ºC)
4 weeks room temperature (21-25ºC)

AquaSnap™ Total is designed to rapidly assess standards of hygiene, equipment  sanitation processes, and the efficacy of Clean In Place (CIP) systems by detecting the presence of organic contamination from microbial and product residues. The honey-comb shaped dipper is coated with an agent that aids in sample collection and extraction of ATP from microbial and other organic cells.

1. Ready-to-use out of box
2. Easy-to-use and reduces user variation
3. Patented design produces repeatable and accurate results
4. Tolerant to temperature abuse and sanitizers
5. All-in-one test device with collection dipper tip
6. Consistent sample collection (100 µl) over swab or sponge tip test
7. Liquid-stable chemistry eliminates the need to reconstitute a pellet, giving more accurate results with less variation
8. True and accurate results at low RLU levels
9. Reliable trending at low ATP and low RLU levels
10. Low carbon footprint