Antibody for House-keeping Protein

R&D Systems offers antibodies for house-keeping protein especially for Western Blot Application. Antibodies for house-keeping protein are varies from monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for detecting variety of sample species such as human, mouse and rat. R&D Systems In-House Antibody Development and Validation allows them to produce good quality antibodies with lot-to-lot consistency over the past 30 years. R&D Systems becomes a good choice when you are searching antibodies for house-keeping protein in your research.


Life Science – Immunoassay – Antibody for House-keeping Protein

R&D Systems

  • Exhaustively tested for superior quality and reproducibility
  • In-House Antibody Development and Validation
  • Lot to lot consistency
  • Transparency in detailed information about antibody, located in its datasheet and website. This information includes: Specificity & cross-reactivity, source, purification, specific immunogen used, endotoxin level, and in-house validated applications
  • Validated over 30 years of publications in high-impact scientific journals