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All-in-one device
Pre-moistened swab provides reliable collection recovery and detection to ensure consistent reliable results
Easy to use and activate
Patented Snap-Valve™ technology – snap & squeeze
Write-on swab tube label
Temperature stable, sensitive liquid-stable chemistry
Small, light-weight device
Low carbon footprint (100% recyclable) – Recylable #7

Shelf life:
18 months at room or refrigerated temperatures (2 – 25°C)

Detects 3 µg protein after 15 minutes at 55°C or 30 minutes at 37°C

1. Results in 15-30 minutes depending on sensitivity requirements
2. Proactive, qualitative approach to verification
3. Broad range, non-specific protein screening is more cost-effective when specific tests are not required
4. Eliminates mistakes and waste
5. No separate wetting agent required
6. No reconstitution step ensure consistent repeatable results