Airtech Biosafety Cabinet Class II type A2 SE – 1003/1303/1603IIA2-SE

AIRTECH brand biological safety cabinet is designed to protect operator, laboratory environment and samples from being exposed to the infective aerosol produced when the sample is bacteria strains, diagnostic material, and other infective subjects. AIRTECH biological safety cabinet provides the operators with a more comfortable and safer working condition. It is used in hospitals, disease prevention center, biological pharmacy and environment monitoring sections.


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  • Safe and Reliable, Energy-Efficient
    • DC fan and LED light make the operation power consumption save 30%.
    • Intelligent auto-supply system of imported blower ensures the change of air volume less than 10% when the resistance of filter increases 50% and enhance safety.
    • The electrical parts are certified by VDE and spare sockets are accord with European standard.
    • The alarm system for safe operation height is interlocked with light.
    • Leak detection in cabinet, no leakage at 500Pa.

The BSC 1003/1303/1603IIA2-SE features HEPA-filtration with recirculation of the air inside the work chamber, creating a near particle-free environment – ideal for most microbiological and tissue culture applications. The The BSC 1003/1303/1603IIA2-SE may be exhausted to the outside of the building using the optional thimble exhaust connection, providing a safe working environment when working with minute quantities of volatile toxic chemicals.

Catalog no.Description
BSC-1003IIA2-SEBiosafety Cabinet 1 meter (3 feet)
BSC-1303IIA2-SEBiosafety Cabinet 1.3 meter (4 feet)
BSC-1603IIA2-SEBiosafety Cabinet 1.6 meter (5 feet)