AgraQuant® Sulfonamides is a direct competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that determines a quantitative level of the presence of sulfonamides in food. The AgraQuant® Sulfonamides test kit is a highly sensitive detection system designed for the quantification of sulfonamides in urine, shrimp, fish, chicken, honey and milk. Sulfonamides (SAs) are group of synthetic antibiotic agents that have been widely used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in both animals and human. They are used as feed additives as well, mainly for fattening of calves and pigs. Thus, residues of SAs may occur in food of animal origin if the proper withdrawal periods are not observed before slaughtering or milking of the medicated animals, or if SAs have been improperly administered. SAs which are retained in food could result in allergic or toxic reactions in SAs sensitive consumers. Furthermore, the antibacterial drug in food can cause anaphylaxis in sensitive patients and can foster the development of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic organisms. Some of the SAs have been associated with carcinogenicity. Recently, SAs have seen an emergence in the aquaculture industry due to their effectiveness against gram-negative and gram-positive organisms.


Industry – VDR – ELISA test kit


Storage temperature 2°C – 8°C
Quantitation range 2.5 – 1875 ppb
Limit of detection 0.17 – 21.35 ppb
Commodity chicken, shrimp, fish, milk (liquid), urine (swine)
Analyte Sulfonamides
Number of wells 96
1 microtitre plate (96 wells
12 breakable strips) sealed in an aluminium zip lock bag
1 piece of sealing tape
5 bottles of sulfadimethoxine calibrators (0 ng/mL; 5 ng/mL; 25 ng/mL; 125 ng/mL; 375 ng/mL) (1 mL each)
2 bottles of sulfonamide-HRP conjugate solution (6 mL total)
1 bottle of dilution buffer pH 7.5 (100 mL)
1 bottle of wash buffer (20x concentrate; 20 mL)
1 bottle of TMB substrate solution (20 mL)
1 bottle of stop solution (10 mL)