AgraQuant® Chloramphenicol Plus is a direct competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that determines a quantitative level of the presence of Chloramphenicol in food. It is a highly sensitive detection system designed for the quantification of Chloramphenicol in urine, serum, liver, milk, egg and tissue samples.


Industry – VDR – ELISA test kit


Storage temperature 2°C – 8°C
Quantitation range 0.3 – 6 ppb
Limit of detection 0.02 – 0.33 ppb
Commodity tissue sample, urine, serum, milk (liquid, powder), egg, honey, feed, kidney
Analyte Chloramphenicol
Number of wells 96
1 microtitre plate (96 wells – 12 breakable strips) sealed in an aluminium zip lock bag
1 piece of sealing tape
5 bottles of chloramphenicol calibrators (0 ng/mL; 0.06 ng/mL; 0.2ng/mL; 0.6 ng/mL; 2 ng/mL) (1 mL each)
2 bottles of CAP-HRP conjugate solution (6 mL total)
1 bottle of dilution buffer pH 7.5 (100 mL)
1 bottle of wash buffer (20x concentrate; 20 mL)
1 bottle of TMB substrate solution (20 mL)
1 bottle of stop solution (10 mL)