AdEasy Adenoviral Vector Systems

The AdEasy system saves you a month of work over traditional methods by producing the recombinant adenoviral plasmid by homologous recombination in E. coli.

The AdEasy XL system includes BJ5183 cells pre-transformed with the pAdEasy-1 plasmid, this feature dramatically decreases background caused by the non-recombinant shuttle plasmid.


Life Science – Molecular Biology – AdEasy Adenoviral Vector Systems


  • 300% more recombinants with specialty competent cells
  • Adherent AD-293 cells improve viral packaging
  • Infects dividing and nondividing mammalian cells
  • Expresses human and non-human mammalian proteins
  • Allows for insertion of up to 7.5 Kb of foreign DNA
  • Recombinant adenoviruses are a versatile tool for gene delivery and expression. Choose pAdEasy-1 vector or any of these three shuttle vectors, pShuttle, pShuttle-CMV, or pShuttle-CMV-lacZ vector, to clone DNA of interest with the AdEasy adenoviral vector system.
  • Employing the efficient homologous recombination machinery in E. coli, a recombinant adenovirus is produced by a double-recombination event between cotransformed adenoviral backbone plasmid vector, pAdEasy-1, and a shuttle vector carrying the gene of interest. This eliminates the need to manipulate the large adenovirus DNA molecule in vitro (in restriction and ligation reactions). There is no need to carry out laborious plaque purification rounds. The time needed to generate a recombinant adenovirus is reduced by several weeks.
  • AD-293 cells, like HEK293 cells, produce the adenovirus E1 gene in trans, allowing the production of infectious virus particles when cells are transfected with E1-deleted adenovirus vectors such as the pAdEasy-1 vector. AD-293 cells demonstrate improved adherence to tissue culture dishes, making AD-293 cell monolayers less susceptible to disruption during cell passaging and plaque assays.
  • The AdEasy Virus Purification Kit enables the purification and concentration of Adenovirus (from Ad5 strains). The rapid adenovirus purification protocol uses Sartobind® syringe filters containing an ion exchange membrane adsorber that selectively binds adenoviral particles.
  • The AdEasy Viral Titer Kit is a simple enzyme-linked immunoassay for the determination of adenoviral titers. The immunoassay detects an adenoviral capsid protein, hexon, which is required for adenoviral replication. The AdEasy Viral Titer Kit can determine the titer of your stocks in 24 to 48 hours, compared to two weeks for traditional endpoint dilution assays.
Catalog no.Description
240009AdEasy Adenoviral Vector System
240010AdEasy XL Adenoviral System
240005pAdEasy-1 vector
240006pShuttle vector
240007pShuttle-CMV vector
240008pShuttle-CMV-lacZ vector
240081pShuttle-IRES-hrGFP-1 vector
240082pShuttle-IRES-hrGFP-2 vector
240085AD-293 cells (provided in 1-ml of DMEM + 40% FBS + 10% DMSO)
200157BJ5183-AD-1 electroporation competent cells
200314XL10-Gold ultracompetent cells
240243AdEasy Virus Purification Kit
972500AdEasy Viral Titer Kit