Absolutely RNA Purification Magnetic Bead

Absolutely mRNA Purification Kit produces high yields of pure mRNA using a fast 20-minute protocol.

RNA magnetic bead-based purification includes customized oligo-dT magnetic particles that exclusively bind mRNA to maximize yield and quality, and minimize rRNA contamination.


Life Science – Molecular Biology – RNA Purification Kit


  • Total RNA isolation magnetic bead technology for the purest mRNA
  • Minimal rRNA contamination due to specially engineered magnetic beads
  • Fast 20-minute protocol for efficient purification
  • Scalable, flexible, simple kit method suitable for various downstream applications
  • Sufficient reagents are provided to isolate mRNA from 10 samples of 100 µg total RNA each.
  • The Absolutely mRNA purification is for purification of mRNA from 100 µg total RNA.
  • Reactions may be scaled down to 0.5× (for 50 µg total RNA) or up to 10× (for up to 1 mg total RNA) in a single reaction tube.
  • When scaling up or down, simply increase or decrease the volumes of all components, including the Absolutely mRNA oligo (dT) magnetic particles.
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400806Absolutely mRNA Purification Kit