68099Ⅱ Precise Impactor- Built for Speed

68099Ⅱ, the new upgraded precise impactor is a very friendly tool for evaluate traumatic brain injury mechanisms in basic medical research. This system is a popular way to make a traumatic brain injury modeling, which is controlled by pneumatic and electric device, and increased accuracy and reproducibility in brain injury modeling. In addition, a unique sensor is used to automatically detect the zero-interface reference point at the impact point of the model accurately and reliably before the start of the impact procedure, thus reducing the tedious process of manual zeroing, it is helpful to make precise and highly repeatable in brain injury modeling. In the experiment, the standard cylindrical head hammers with different size are available. The parameters such as impact depth, velocity and dwell time could be precisely controlled to ensurethat the damage level to be accurate. It is an accurate tool with high efficiency, repeatability and stability, ensuring the reproducibility of the damage model


Life Science – Animal Research – Neurology


Pneumatic pure electric control and stable chassis design, precise impact and no vibration
LCD touch screen, simple operation and easy to use
Automatic calibrate zero position, avoid tedious manual operation
High precision rotating adapter, adjust the levelness, inclination and center axis’ alignment of the animal’s head at the maximum limit

Pneumatic pure electric control, 4.3 inch color LED touch screen operation interface, friendly software interface, easy to operate, wide-angle visual;
It can automatically detect the zero-hit interface, automatically calibrate, and reduce the tedious manual operation;
Sound alarm, intelligent text information prompt, fault prompt, enhance the human-machine interaction between equipment and users, reduce human errors in the use process;
Spinal cord adapter provides a stable way of spinal cord fixation and improves the success rate of modeling;
Various cylindrical flat head hammers with external diameters of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 mm respectively;
The maximum strike speed is 3.00 m/s, the range of speed is 0.50-5.6.00 m/s, the precision is 0.10 m/s, the residence time and strike depth can be controlled, the time range can be vary from 0.00 to 5.00 s, and the Strike depth precision is 0.01 mm.

mechanism of spinal cord injury

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