Agilent Bioreagents Promotion

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Dapatkan Agilent Bioreagents Promotion

Competent Cells

  • XL1-Red
  • XL1-Blue
  • XL2-Blue
  • XL10-Gold
  • BL21-Gold,-CodonPlus
  • BJ5183
  • ArcticExpress


PCR Enzymes

—Routine PCR

  • PAQ5000 HotStart 2X PCR Master Mix

—High Yield/GC Rich

  • Herculase II Fusion DNA Polymerase

—Highest Fidelity

  • PfuTurbo® Hotstart DNA Polymerase
  • PfuTurbo® Hotstart PCR Master Mix
  • PfuUltra II Fusion HS DNA Polymerase and Master Mix
  • Easy-A® High-Fidelity PCR Master Mix

RT-PCR, Reverse Transcriptase and First Strand cDNA Synthesis kits

  • AffinityScript Multi Tempature cDNA Synthesis Kit
  • AccuScript High Fidelty 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit
  • AffinityScript MultiTemperature Reverse Transcriptase
  • AccuScript High Fidelity RT-PCR Kit
  • AccuScript PFU Ultra II RT-PCR
  • AffinityScript Herc.II RT-PCR
  • AffinityScript qPCR cDNA Synthesis Kit

PCR Cloning Kits

  • StrataClone PCR Cloning Kit
  • StrataClone Blunt PCR Cloning Kit
  • StrataClone Ultra Blunt PCR Cloning Kit

Promo berlaku hingga Agustus 2021, jika produk masih tersedia!

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